Janet Sherbourne
Janet Sherbourne - Pianist and composer


These are recordings that are either available to buy now or which have been released as CD, LP, EP or cassette in the past and which are no longer available. On the Sounds page, you can hear demo clips of some of my pieces including pieces which are not available on a commercial recording. Many of the commercial releases are on the Practical Music label which is the label run by myself and Jan Steele.

At the moment (Spring 2012) I haven't got a shopping cart on this site. But we will be updating this soon. In the meantime items marked with an * are still commercially available - in which case click on the thumbnail to find out how to buy them. Those marked † are only available from us. Get in touch by email to tell us which of them you want to buy and we will price them for you.

El Gato Practical PR07 2011 CD* cover of el gato cd
This is the first album by my Cuban style charanga band Cafecito. Well known & lesser known cha cha cha's, boleros, & danzones, jazz standards Cuban style, and three original pieces by me.
Strictly Latin POKE 008 2011 CD* strictly latin cd cover
A library (media production music) album of pieces in a variety of Latin styles, including salsa, tango, cha cha cha, bossa nova, merengue, paso doble & samba. Normally production music recordings are only available to the industry. If you are involved in the media industry and you want to license any of these tracks then you need to contact Boost. But you can also listen to them on Spotify or you can buy the mp3's from iTunes (in both case look for Janet Sherbourne - "Strictly Latin").
Slower Than Molasses Practical PR03 1986 LP † slower than molasses LP cover
A joint production with pianist and composer Mark Lockett of new English compositions, mostly for voice and piano, but also percussion, gamelan and synthesizer. Works by myself, Mark, Howard Skempton, Michael Parsons and Glyn Bush
Desert Island Dusks Disques du Soliel et de l'Acier 1986 LP desert island dusks LP cover
A pot-pourri of pieces by myself and Jan Steele released on a French record label. No longer available but it can be picked up online for between £15 - 45. Some of the pieces on this LP will be released in newly mastered recordings on "Distant Saxophones" - see below.
Nobody But You Practical PR01 1981 EP † nobody but you EP cover
A vinyl EP of three songs, two by me and one by Jan Steele. This has been uploaded to Youtube and to several blogs by fans. You can get the original EP here!
Walks Abroad Practical PR04 1987 Cass † walks abroad cassette cover
Another pot-pourri album - this time on cassette - of works by myself and Mark Lockett
Café Olé Practical PR05 1990 Cass † cafe ole cassette cover
The second pot-pourri album on cassette by myself and Mark
Metalworks - New Gamelan Practical PR06 1990

CD & Cass †

metalworks new gamelan cd cover
The first album by the English contemporary gamelan group which I helped to form in 1988 and in which I performed, composed for and gave workshops with till 2011.
Forthcoming Release
Distant Saxophones Community Library in 2012 CD
Cover not yet available
Albums on which I appear as a performer - not composer
Albanian Summer Practical PR02 1984 LP albanian summer lp cover
The LP of the tour-de-force composition by Dave Smith for saxophone and piano, Jan Steele on alto sax and myself on piano. Sold out!
Parrot Soup Keda 25 1994 CD † parrot soup cd cover
The second album by English contemporary gamelan group Metalworks
Jan Steele/John Cage: Voices & Instruments Obscure No 5 1976 LP voices and instruments LP cover
The first recording of mine to be released, featuring three compositions by Jan Steele on which I am either singing or playing piano. You can only get this LP from collecting websites. A newunopened copy is around £45.These three tracks, which have been uploaded to Youtube and various blogs by fans. But they will all appear in mostly new versions on the Community Library Label "Distant Saxophones" CD due out in 2012.