Janet Sherbourne
Janet Sherbourne - Pianist and composer

Here is a collection of downloadable scores. I will be making more of my scores available as I gradually put them into Sibelius - so please check back from time to time. There are pieces for various instrumental combinations - solo piano, piano duet, two pianos, accordion, voice and piano and Latin bands (including my own compositions from the new Cafecito album, El Gato). These are completely FREE! I hope you enjoy playing them, and if you or your band/ school ensemble etc should perform them anywhere, please do let me know. If there is a piece you especially like but the instrumentation is not right for your ensemble, I don't mind re-arranging it (as long as I have time to!). As I continue to develop the site, the ensemble pieces will have parts available - but if you need a set of parts for a piece let me know and then that piece will go to the top of my priority list!

Before April.....(a jolly romp!)   Piano Duet
El Gato Que Tiene Hambre - danzón-cha   Flute, 2 vlns, viola, piano, double bass, 3 latin percussion & vocal coro
French Film Piece 1   Flute, clarinet & string ensemble
French Film Piece 1   Piano Solo
L'Aciano - The Cornflower   Piano Solo
Nobody But You   Voice & Piano
L'Otoño - bolero-cha   Flute, 2 vlns, viola, piano, 3 latin percussion & double bass
Pau de Mel - bossa nova - Score in preparation   Flute, guitar, double bass & percussion (flexible line-up)
Rambler's Rag - ragtime   Clarinet, violin, trombone & piano (piano feature)
Slower Than Molasses   Two pianos
Slowly   Vibraphone and piano
Slowly   Flute (or other melody instrument) and piano or piano solo
Tango Misterioso   Two violins, accordion, piano & double bass
Tango Rosa   Violin, accordion, piano & double bass
The Music Box   Two accordions
Three Songs   Baritone voice & piano
Ven y Baila Con Migo - cha-cha-cha - Score in preparation   Flute, guitar, 2 violins, piano, 3 latin percussion, double bass & vocal coro
What! - Now?   5 female voices with double bass, optional rhythm section accompaniment